Millennium Challenge Cup 2011
held at Leeds nr Maidstone, Sunday 4th September


The annual Provincial Craft cricket match between West and East Kent was played on Sunday 4th September at Leeds village nr Maidstone and for the second consecutive year victory went to West Kent – unfortunately!

Undeterred by the initial light rain, which became progressively worse as the afternoon advanced the teams padded up and got on with the game, West Kent batting first and scoring an impressive 179 off 20 overs.

The weather must have perturbed some of East Kent’s players as only 7 turned out. That aside, they fought back bravely under the captaincy of Robin Evans. However, on an increasingly lively wicket, where they were facing some pretty tough bowling by a West Kent side that was definitely on form, they fell somewhat short of their target despite Steve Bispham of The Foreland Lodge carrying his bat, resulting in the coveted trophy being retained by West Kent.

The West Kent side had several very good league players and to be fair East Kent stood little chance of winning. Putting pride to one side, what really matters is that the Millennium Challenge Cup is competed for in the name of charity, with £80 being raised for each Province’s Festival, and fun and to bring masons and non-masons together through sport.

Congratulations to West Kent and a big thank you goes to everyone who helped to make the day so much fun, especially the members and their wives who provided the free food and drink, which was absolutely gorgeous.

There are 2 matches already scheduled for next year and the East Kent organisers are determined not to lose for a third successive year. If you are a cricketer, whether professional, amateur or just willing to play for fun, your Province needs you! If you would like to get involved and be part of the team and have an enjoyable day, please send your details to the infohub.

Let’s work as a team and bring the cup back to East Kent where it belongs.

cricket 2

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