Whilst the minimum age at which one can become a Freemason is normally twenty-one there has long been a dispensation in favour of students at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, who can join at eighteen. That dispensation has now been extended to include all of England’s universities, so that young men studying at our universities (who will pay half the normal fees whilst under age twenty five) and university staff members are encouraged to become Freemasons. There are two ‘University Scheme’ Lodges in the Province of East Kent: St Augustine Lodge No. 972 at Canterbury and Pentangle Lodge No. 1174 at Rochester.

For further information about the scheme in general please visit the United Grand Lodge of England’s Universities Scheme website.

For further local information see: The St Augustine Lodge No 972 and The Pentangle Lodge No. 1174.

All enquires regarding membership or visiting should be addressed to the Lodge Secretary.  For further information, see also:

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