Treasurer Information

The office of Treasurer is very important as he is responsible for the Lodge or Chapter finances and his duties are governed by Rule 153 of the Book of Constitutions. He will also be governed by his lodge or chapter by-laws.

It is therefore vital that the Treasurer fully acquaints himself with the latest edition of Rule 153 as well as his lodge or chapter by-laws. A link to the latest version of the Book of Constitutions on the Grand Lodge website is provided below.

Care must be taken if a spreadsheet or another financial software application is used to record the lodge / chapter’s financial transactions, that the information is shared with another responsible member of the lodge or chapter.

To help a newly appointed Treasurer, links to two types of balance sheet are provided below to give an example of how the accounts may be presented.

The members of the Audit Committee also have an important role, on behalf of the members, to verify that the accounts have been correctly produced. They also need to be familiar with Rule 153 and the lodge / chapter by-laws.

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