Lodges in Harmony, promoting Masonry through Mentoring


Brethren of Monckton Lodge hosting the new members

Friday 16th January saw the first outing of the Tovil Mentors Visiting Party to the Monckton Lodge Burns Night. The party was set up by Worshipful Brother Mark Costelloe, the local Mentoring Coordinator. The Tovil Lodge Mentors had previously met and agreed that it would be a good idea for new Masons to get out and visit as part of a large party where they would feel more comfortable together. It would also bring the benefit of providing a large number of visitors to the lodges involved.

On this occasion there was a group of 19 and, according to Brother Paul Ricketts, one of the Lodge Mentors involved: “It felt fantastic to be a part of it and welcomed into the lodge as important guests – rightly so as mentoring is important”. There were so many newer Masons they had to borrow regalia from their own lodges. Paul went on to say: “It was a wonderful opportunity to sit next to one of our new members and answer their questions, explain what was going on, point out the different types of regalia being worn, and so on”. Since the Monckton Lodge candidate was unable to attend for his first meeting, the visitors were treated to a full rehearsal, with a stand-in candidate amusingly called Rabbie Burns.

After a great ceremony everyone retired to the festive board where the visiting party was seated together. The Haggis was piped in and ritually slain to the words of the Address to the Haggis. One of the new members, who was from Portugal, said that he could not understand a word of the address. This brought much amusement from the others who couldn’t understand it either! £300 was raised at the raffle and was allocated to the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity which will help with the work they are doing within the province.

This first visit was deemed a success by all concerned and they all look forward to working their way around the Tovil Lodges. They have their own informal Toast: “Lodges in Harmony, Promoting Masonry through Mentoring”.

If you are a new member in the Tovil Centre and want to join the party, let your Lodge Mentor know and he will put you in touch. Alternatively use the contact details given below. The Tovil Mentors would also like to hear from lodges further afield who may have something of interest to the party; please use the contact form below.

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