One of the many things that warms a Freemason’s heart, is when he witnesses a man being initiated into Freemasonry by his father. The son of a Freemason is known as a Lewis and, in this case, Michael Claringbold becomes the third generation of his family to be active in Herne Bay’s Ethelbert Lodge No 2099. Here is a report in the words of his proud father, Steve Claringbold, a Past Master of the lodge.


On the 9th November 2016 at the Masonic Centre in Cecil Park, Herne Bay, the Ethelbert Lodge No 2099 celebrated the initiation of Michael Claringbold into Freemasonry.  The current Master of the Lodge, Kevin Claringbold (Michael’s uncle), was delighted to vacate the chair on this special occasion to allow Steve Claringbold (Dad) the honour of initiating his son into Freemasonry. Although Mac Miller (Grandad) was at home recovering from a knee replacement, it does mean that three generations of the same family are members of the lodge at the same time.

Also present on the night was Dave Dance (Uncle) with apologies from John Harris (Uncle) and Stuart Davis (Cousin).  Michael becomes the seventh related member of this family to join the lodge and although he lives in Sheppey, he joins the others in making their journeys to the Herne Bay lodge from Rochester, Dover, Canterbury, Sturry and Whitstable.

His Uncle Kevin, the current Master, said that ‘this is a very proud moment for Herne Bay with a Lewis being initiated’ and he hoped that in time Michael would join the other members of the family in progressing through the ranks.

The Brethren witnessed a first-class ceremony, with Past Masters Cliff Norris and Peter Douglas playing key parts in the ceremony.

Michael said that “he was proud to be joining a lodge with such friendly mix of brethren and of course, family connections”.

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