Porta Maris are the guardians of the Gavel

Porta Maris are the guardians of the Gavel

Kingsgate Lodge Relinquishes the ‘Travelling Gavel’

Members of Margate’s Porta Maris Lodge turned out in force recently to make a challenge for Thanet’s ‘Travelling Gavel’.

On Saturday 13th May 2017 a total of 32 visitors attended Broadstairs’ Kingsgate Lodge – the holder of the ‘Travelling Gavel’. Other lodges attending the meeting included: Union, St Johns-Thanet and Trinity (all from Margate); Porta Sapientiae (Ramsgate); and Reculvers (Westgate-on-Sea).

Porta Maris Lodge, with twelve members in attendance, had the largest percentage of its subscribing membership present and were comfortable victors.
A ceremony of Initiation along with the presentation of a fifty-year, Long Service Certificate made for a very enjoyable evening enjoyed by all.

With the Summer Recess now in place, Porta Maris are the guardians but they have already received challenges for October.

To quote a spokesman from Kingsgate Lodge: “Oh what a night! On behalf of Kingsgate Lodge, I would like thank you all for coming. Your attendance greatly improved the welcoming experience for our Initiate. Until October!”

Visitors from the Kingsgate Lodge No 4882 being presented with the Travelling Gavel

Visitors from the Kingsgate Lodge No 4882 being presented with the Travelling Gavel

Freemasons in the area covering Birchington, Broadstairs, Margate, Ramsgate, Sandwich and Westgate have introduced a way of encouraging inter-lodge visiting.

Ten members from Margate’s Union Lodge and eight from Broadstair’s Kingsgate Lodge all made the journey to Ramsgate on 23rd March. They were visiting the St Lawrence Lodge which was holding a Past Masters’ night and an Initiation ceremony.

The challenge came at the Festive Board when the challengers ‘stood to be counted’. After some good natured banter, though greater in number, the visitors from Union Lodge came a commendable second. The visitors from Kingsgate Lodge were declared the winners as they had a higher percentage of subscribing members in their group.

Kingsgate Lodge were therefore awarded the ‘Travelling Gavel’ - a coveted trophy presented to the the largest group of visitors from one lodge.

Pictured are the victorious members of Kingsgate Lodge with their Senior Warden being presented with the ‘Travelling Gavel’ by Paul Chandler, Master of St Lawrence Lodge. Paul is accompanied by Derek Rogers and the Initiate of the evening, John Chisman.

The Travelling Gavel initiative leads to an enjoyable evening with some light-hearted banter and rivalry. More importantly it helps to support local lodges and encourages visiting, particularly by newer members.

Report and photo courtesy of Jim Mason

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