Teddies for Loving Care

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Teddies for Loving Care

The East Kent Branch is part of the national Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Appeal, Registered Charity No. 1124413, further details of which can be found on the charity’s Facebook page. The branch operates independently and, in conducting its own fundraising, has a presence at a wide range of events throughout the year.

TLC fundraisers at a recent event

TLC fundraisers at a recent event

Who Benefits? Children in Accident & Emergency Units and Minor Injury Units in East Kent benefit from this work. Teddies are given in significant quantities to the medical staff at each of these units.

TLC Bikers delivering bears to a Minor Injuries Unit in Sheerness

TLC Bikers delivering bears to a Minor Injuries Unit in Sheerness

The medical staff, in turn, give them to children who may be in severe distress and who will benefit from a teddy to cuddle. This helps to relax the child and enables the medical staff to press on with the treatment that the child needs. At the end of the treatment, the child can take the bear home.

TLC at Maidstone Hospital

TLC Teddies at Maidstone Hospital

The use of the teddies in this way has been proved to have beneficial effects for children admitted to these units – by relieving their distress and helping them to cope with the fear of being treated by complete strangers.

An injured boy cuddling his teddies

An injured boy cuddling his TLC Teddies

The teddies are used in various ways:-

  • To help the medical staff befriend the child
  • For the child to cuddle
  • As a reward for being brave
  • For the staff to demonstrate what they are going to do

By relieving the child’s distress, the parents, guardians and siblings may also be relieved and the medical staff can administer the treatment more effectively.

In February 2014 East Kent Freemasons presented the 100,000th TLC teddy to be delivered to hospitals in East Kent. Read more.