Teddies for Loving Care Charity

Taylie-May with her girly pink plaster and Peppa her TLC bear

Taylie-May, the granddaughter of Bro Darren Burch of Robinson Lodge No. 2046, is “2 going on 16” and is always jumping and bouncing about as a 2 year old does.

Whenever she’s at nanny and granddad’s she always jumps off the bottom step of the stairs. A few weeks ago Taylie-May was up to her usual shenanigans and unfortunately landed on her left arm and broke it in 2 places. She attended Gillingham’s Medway Maritime Hospital and underwent a general anaesthetic so that the medical team could set and plaster her arm.

The following week she attended the fracture clinic where the original plaster was replaced, this time in a nice “girly pink” colour of her own choosing. Seeing that Taylie-May was upset the nurse asked her if she would like to choose a special TLC Teddy Bear that she could keep and take home with her.

The nurse explained to Taylie-May’s mother, (Darren’s daughter), that the TLC bears are donated by Freemasons to the Accident & Emergency units for the medical staff to give to children, who are in distress,

when they feel that a teddy or soft toy to cuddle will help alleviate the stress and put the child at ease so that they can continue to provide medical care.

When she heard this, Darren’s daughter understandably became a little emotional and explained to the nurse that her father was a Freemason and had helped raise funds for the Teddies for Loving Care Charity (TLC), to which the nurse replied “Can you thank your father and get him to thank all his friends for the fantastic work they do”.

Darren’s daughter actually told him that she didn’t realise that it was such a great thing we are all doing and that it’s not just a meal and a drink with mates all the time! She went on to say that, after seeing the smile on Taylie-May’s face, she was really proud that he belonged to such a caring organisation.

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