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Presented in a Craft Lodge, the origins and evolution of the Holy Royal Arch and its close links with Craft Masonry are made clear in an informal setting of a conversation between an experienced Past Master and a curious younger Master Mason. The presentation comprises a series of questions and answers – interspersed with commentary from a Narrator who provides interesting historical context. The demonstration introduces the Holy Royal Arch to Master Masons or others who may have previously thought of joining.

No charge is made for the team’s services. Its members will be responsible for payment of their dining fees. However in recognition of their services it is hoped that the host Lodge will wish to make an appropriate donation to a Charity of the team’s choice – details of which would be provided at the time of booking.

All bookings are at the discretion of the team Coordinator. It is anticipated that Lodges seeking their services may wish to do so in connection with an anniversary meeting or other significant event. Owing to the number of team members necessary for the demonstration please note that up to three months prior notice of any prospective booking is required.

It is expected that the Secretary of the host lodge would be primarily responsible for publicising the demonstration to Lodges in his immediate locality. It is also intended that details about the team’s future activities will be published on this website.

A full list of Masonic Speakers and Demonstration Teams can be found on the Kent Museum of Freemasonry website:

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