Manor of Faversham Lodge No 8248 hosts the Talking Heads Demonstration

Talking Heads Faversham 1 WL

L-R Chris Metherell, Mark Bassant, Ian White, Roger Odd, Antony Millett, Tony Eldridge, David Kershaw, David Powdrill & Lyndon Jones

The February meeting of the Manor of Faversham Lodge No 8248 saw a team from the East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter present their “Talking Heads” demonstration to a full house.

The team was ably led by Worshipful Brother Ian White and expertly delivered by WBros Mark Bassant, Tony Eldridge and Lyndon Jones. The team was also supported by WBro Chris Metherell. The demonstration introduces the Holy Royal Arch (or Chapter) to new Master Masons as well as re-introducing the order to others who have previously considered joining, and Companions to help them understand more about the order.

“Talking Heads” is a short playlet of an encounter between two lodge members; one an experienced Past Master (and Royal Arch Companion) and the other a Master Mason curious to know more. It covers the history of the order, explanations of the regalia, links to the Craft, why the Royal Arch is the climax and completion of pure Antient Freemasonry, the time and financial commitments involved in being a member, how to discover more and how to find a Chapter to join.

The evening attracted members from all 3 Faversham Craft Lodges as well as others from Swale, Medway and Canterbury including a number of Companions of the Holy Royal Arch from nearby Chapters keen to see and hear the excellent presentation.

As you can see from the photograph above, the lodge was also honoured by the presence of The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Very Worshipful Brother Roger Odd and The Deputy Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companion David Kershaw. As it was Roger Odd’s last visit to the lodge before standing down as Deputy Provincial Grand Master at Provincial Grand Lodge in April, the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Antony Millett presented him with a donation from the lodge to a cause very dear to both his and the lodge’s hearts, the training of the Apprentice Stonemasons at Canterbury Cathedral. The presentation was given in recognition of the outstanding service he as given to the Province especially in his present role and his previous one as Provincial Grand Secretary.

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