St. Margaret’s Hall, St George’s Place, Reach Road, St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe. CT15 6AP. (No telephone available).
Parking: On site.

St Margaret's-at-Cliffe

Two lodges meet at this venue, further details of which are included below. Please click on the lodge name to reveal further details.

Lodge information may be updated by the Secretary. Click here to contact the Website Manager.


Foreland Lodge No 3209

Foreland Lodge Secretary: Robert P Blowers
Telephone: 01304 379526
Website: None
Meeting Dates: 4th Saturday in March and November, 2nd Saturday in October. Saturday nearest to St George’s Day in April
Installation: April
No. of Members: 32
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Tuesday evenings prior to the meetings in March, October & November.

Updated: August 2017


Contact the Lodge Secretary:-

Bredenstone Lodge No 8093

Bredenstone Lodge Secretary: Nigel Fitz
Telephone: 01304 823413
Website: None
Meeting Dates: Fourth Tuesday, March, April, June, First Tuesday in December
Installation: December
No. of Members: 58
Ritual: Emulation-Nigerian
LOI: First and Third Thursday, February to June and September to November inclusive

Updated: September 2018


Contact the Lodge Secretary:-

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