7 Albany Road, Sittingbourne, ME10 1EB. Tel: 01795 423473. Parking: Limited spaces at Hall via Albany Road Car Park.

Sittingbourne Masonic Centre

Six lodges meet at this centre, further details of which are included below. Please click on the lodge name below to reveal further details.

Lodge information may be updated by the Secretary. Click here to contact the Website Manager.

St. Michaels Lodge No 1273

St. Michaels’ Lodge Secretary: Paul Lemasonry
Telephone: 01795 428685
Website: www.st-michaels1273.co.uk
Meeting Dates: Second Wednesday, September to May
Installation: October
No. of Members: 38
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Senior:  Mondays, October to April excluding Lodge Rehearsal, Bank Holidays and Chapter Rehearsal Meetings.

Updated: August 2017


Contact the Lodge Secretary:-

Middleton Manor Lodge No 6337

Middleton Manor Lodge Secretary: Robert Thorne
Telephone: 01795 477717
Website: None
Meeting Dates: Second Tuesday: October, November, January, February, April & May.
Installation: January
No. of Members: 35
Ritual: Own West End
LOI: Every Tuesday, except Second Tuesday, January to May and September to December.

Updated: September 2018


Contact the Lodge Secretary:-

Saedingburna Lodge No 6728

Saedingburna Lodge Secretary: Keith Whitby
Telephone: 01795 410848
Website: None
Meeting Dates: First Saturday in March and First Wednesday in February, April, May, October, November and December
Installation: March
No. of Members: 37
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Mondays prior to Lodge Meeting

Updated: March 2018


Contact the Lodge Secretary:-

Renham Lodge No 8211

Renham Lodge Secretary: Peter Shrewsbury
Telephone: 01622 730109
Website: None
Meeting Dates (mornings): Fourth Tuesday September, November & February. Last Saturday in April.
Installation: April
No. of Members: 31
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: To be advised.

Updated: August 2017


Contact the Lodge Secretary:-

Gore Court Lodge No 8231

Gore Court Lodge Secretary: Michael Balkwell
Telephone: 01795 841605
Website: None
Meeting Dates: Second Saturday in February, April and October, Third Saturday in May, Fourth Saturday in November
Installation: February
No. of Members: 72
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Thursday, September to May

Updated: August 2018


Contact the Lodge Secretary:-

Spirit of Rugby Lodge No 9922

Spirit of Rugby Lodge Secretary: T Fish
Telephone:07873 278079 or 01474 249162
Website: http://freemasonsrugby.com
Meeting Dates: Third Monday in February, April, September and November (meeting at different centres)
Installation: February
No. of Members: 67
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: 1st and 2nd Mondays in February, April, November, 1st Tuesday in September and 2nd Monday in September (all at Tovil)

Updated: October 2018

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