How the Sheerness United Masonic Club is Building for the Future

The United Masonic Club in Sheerness

The United Masonic Club in Sheerness, in common with many other Masonic centres, has had to grapple with the challenges of an ageing building, increasing costs, declining numbers of users and a growing demand for improvements to the facilities. How then has this centre risen to these challenges?

The conclusion of the Province of East Kent Festival for the Freemasons’ Grand Charity in June 2014, and the appointment of a new Chairman of the Club Management committee in the same month, opened a window of opportunity for the club. Worshipful Brother Richard Wingett, a Past Master of de Shurland Lodge No 1089 – one of the six lodges that meet in Sheerness – was appointed as Chairman of the management committee. In September 2014, he launched the Sheerness United Masonic Club Festival, to raise £100,000 over the next three years; it is the club’s own 2017 Festival, coinciding with the Tercentenary of English Freemasonry in that year.

The fund will pay for major capital projects such as air-conditioning and a lift and will also provide a legacy fund to help secure the future of the Sheerness UMC on the Isle of Sheppey.

£100K may sound like a lot of money but, in the view of the committee, it is both very affordable and achievable given membership numbers and timescale. So far, the generosity and support of many members and all lodges has been absolutely amazing and they have already surpassed their expectations in the delivery of the first two major projects.

This is just a snapshot of everything that is happening and how it is being achieved and if this interests you and you want to know more, read more by downloading their detailed report “Working for a Sustainable Future”

You are also welcome to visit them and see for yourself how the project is proceeding.

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