Secretary and Scribe E Information

Secretarial information and forms are available at the EK Portal to registered Secretaries and Scribes.

Contact details about every East Kent lodge and chapter, together with some information about meeting nights and so on, are included on this website. Please check your Lodge or Chapter entry from time to time and, if anything needs to be changed, click here to contact the Website Manager.

Emails via this website. The contact forms used on this website are designed to hide the recipient’s email address and thus prevent automated systems (commonly known as “bots”) from harvesting addresses and sending emails to you via the website. However it is of course possible for people to use the forms and, from time to time, a junk message may find its way through. As with any email you may receive, be cautious - particularly if you are invited to click on a link - as you may inadvertently admit a virus onto your system or be drawn into some undesirable correspondence. Click here for more advice on the precautions you can take to minimise the risk.

Masonic Speakers & Lecturers - The Kent Museum of Freemasonry maintains a list of Masonic Speakers & Lecturers who are available to speak at Lodge and Chapter meetings. A wide range of subjects, Masonic and non-Masonic,including details of the annual Cornwallis Lecture is available on the Kent Museum of Freemasonry’s website.

Website & Social Media guidelines have been produced for Masonic Centres and individual Lodges and Chapters that wish to have a website and/or a social media presence on Facebook or Twitter. A copy of these guidelines can be downloaded below. Click here to download a copy of these guidelines.

Public Relations Guidelines - Some guidelines have also been prepared for Lodges and Chapters that wish to report some noteworthy charitable or community involvement activity. Click here to download a copy of these guidelines.

Royal Arch Demonstration Team - A team is available to demonstrate the Domatic 2013 ritual of exaltation, in particular, how the ritual can be divided up. Click here for further details and a contact form.

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