The Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan in the British Isles and its Territories Overseas 

OSMThe Order, which is based on the remarkable friendship between David and Jonathan, possibly originated in Scotland, was taken to New York and then came to England in late 18th century. For a time the Order came under the aegis of the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees, but in 1931 some fresh understandings were reached and the Grand Council of the Order of the Secret Monitor was officially recognised. The Order is administered from Mark Masons’ Hall.

Candidates have to be Master Masons of good standing. The regalia is simple, consisting of a Breast Jewel suspended from a ribbon in the colours of the Order, purple and orange. The two colours of the ribbon are reversed for the second degree. The Jewel has two triangles interlaced with three arrows and charged with the letters D and J.

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There are eight Conclaves meeting within the area of the Masonic Province of East Kent

284 Skilled Archer 2nd Thursday, February and April, 3rd Thursday, October Margate
304 Eric Norman le Fre 3rd Saturday, January and September, 4th Saturday, April Gravesend
316 Paddock Wood 3rd Wednesday, March, June and September, Gillingham
333 Medway Towns 2nd Friday, March, 4th Friday, August, 3rd Friday, November, Chatham (Manor Rd)
341 Maeides Stana 3rd Wednesday April, 4th Wednesday June, 4th Wednesday October, Sittingbourne
358 Golden Arrow 4th Wednesday, April, 2nd Wednesday, June, 1st Thursday, November, Ashford
361 Kent Installed Supreme Rulers 4th Saturday, January, 2nd Saturday, September, (Various Venues)
436 The Channel 2nd Tuesday, March, 1st Monday, July and September, Dover

Contact Details:
Name: C.W. Raymond
Position: Provincial Grand Recorder
Telephone: 01634 371795
Website: None

Click here for information about the Centres where meetings are held within the boundaries of the East Kent Craft Province.

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