University second

Left to Right:
WBro Peter Fairweather (the candidate’s proposer and the retired Dean of Business Studies at Christ Church University College, Canterbury) Bro Len Caney (SW), Bro Ben Hulme, WBro Bob Goodwin (WM), Bro Adrian Ruse, WBro Robin Masters (JW), and Bro Eric Rhodes-Molden


Eric Rhodes-Molden, who until his recent retirement was the International Liaison Manager at the University College for the Creative Arts based at Maidstone, became the second University Scheme initiate of St Augustine Lodge No.972 on the 21st May 2008. He explained that his father, who died whilst Eric was in his late teens, had been a Freemason, and although he had spoken little about his membership of the Craft had made plain the high regard in which he held the organisation. As a young student with little money, struggling to make his way in life without the support of a father, Eric became aware that at the times when the going was particularly rough someone would always seem to turn up with an offer of help. With this assistance he successfully completed his education and ultimately secured his future. It was not until many years later that he finally learned that the friends who had appeared when he most needed them were in fact the members of his father’s Lodge who had been keeping a watchful but discreet eye on his progress. Thus Bro Eric’s favourable opinion of Freemasonry was forged many years ago. Having now retired he is particularly pleased to become part of the organisation that helped him so much in the past.

Before Bro Rhodes-Molden’s initiation, the Provincial Office was approached by a young Romanian student, Bro Adrian Ruse, who wanted to visit a Lodge in Canterbury. Bro Adrian Ruse is in his first year of studies at Christ Church College, Canterbury, where he is reading Business Administration. The National Grand Lodge of Romania (which was recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England in 2007) allows the son of a Mason to be initiated at the age of eighteen. Adrian’s father, at that time the Master of the Mihail Koglalniceanu Lodge No.65 in Bucharest, had initiated Adrian in October 2007. After having proved his membership Bro Adrian was invited to visit the St Augustine Lodge as a guest. He has now asked to become a joining member of the Lodge and to be passed and raised there.

Anyone for an exchange visit to Bucharest? Watch this space!

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