Royal Arch Provincial Almoner


The Royal Arch Almoner is now asked to undertake a greatly expanded and different role, as compared to that of the Craft Almoner, as the main role of the office will be to have the general welfare of our membership as his primary concern.

Most approaches to the Almoner involve requests for financial help, charity or benevolence, and this will continue to be the responsibility of the Craft Almoner, although the Chapter Almoner will still be expected to look after any member who is not a Craft member in East Kent.

The Almoner will not have any responsibility for recruitment, mentoring or retention but should investigating poor attendance and concern himself with the basic Masonic ideals of fraternity, fellowship, friendship and enjoyment.


      • Encourage regular Attendance, Involvement and Enjoyment.
      • Encourage new members to develop their understanding of the Holy Royal Arch and active participation in the life of the Chapter
      • Consider ways and means of getting non-attending members to re-engage with the Chapter.


      • The new member should be presented with a copy of the ritual book.
      • All members, particularly new ones, should be encouraged to attend the Chapter of Improvement.
      • Ensure that at the Chapter of Improvement members are encouraged to ask questions and that the senior members are prepared to answer those questions.
      • Remind Members that everyone has a responsibility to encourage and assist his Companions.
      • Impress upon members that they can assist the Chapter without having to take office or pass through the Chairs and ensure that the opportunities to do so are there.
      • Ensure that a running record of attendance is maintained, so that non-attendance and the reason for it can be investigated and appropriate support offered.
      • If a member has financial problems he should still be encouraged to attend the meeting and join his Companions in the bar afterwards.
      • If a member has transport problems arrange assistance for him.
      • Consider having at least one meeting per year to be held with just sandwiches or a finger buffet in lieu of a Festive Board, so as to encourage members to socialise.
      • If there is not an Exaltation Ceremony this is an opportunity to expand members’ knowledge by lectures, talks, demonstrations and discussions.
      • Make better use of the Chapter Liaison Officer.


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