Royal Arch In Camera – Your Chapter In Focus

So You Thought You Knew All About The Holy Royal Arch?

Four members of the Demonstration Team: Chris Metherell, Malcolm Smith, Ian Smith and Mike Dunn

Four members of the Demonstration Team: Chris Metherell, Malcolm Smith, Ian Smith and Mike Dunn

Recognising the need for a ‘daily advancement in Masonic knowledge’ a presentation is available for all Royal Arch Chapters in the Masonic Province of East Kent.

Called “The Royal Arch in Camera – Your Chapter in Focus”, this is a demonstration given by a team from the East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter.

Why is it called “The Royal Arch in Camera”?  We all think of the word ‘camera’ as describing an apparatus for taking pictures. However, its other meaning is ‘a vaulted room’, and the expression ‘in camera’ is used to describe a meeting ‘in private’. So it is chosen as it explains something of the history and symbolism of the Royal Arch in the confines of a Chapter convocation.

Key facts about the history and meaning of the Royal Arch are explained as part of a playlet involving three Companions, one playing the part of a newcomer to the Royal Arch and two, more experienced, Companions.

Over the course of about 30 minutes the history, context and ritual of the Royal Arch are brought to life. Some guidance is given about the protocols and procedures in a Chapter, the characters portrayed in the various offices are explained, and some important aspects of symbolism in the allegory of the Royal Arch story are pointed out. Team members act as narrators to link together the various parts of the presentation and to field any questions at the end.

No charge is made for the team’s services. Its members will be responsible for payment of their dining fees. However in recognition of their services it is hoped that the host Chapter will wish to make an appropriate donation to a Charity of the team’s choice – details of which would be provided at the time of booking.

All bookings are at the discretion of the team Coordinator. It is anticipated that Chapters seeking their services may wish to do so in connection with an anniversary Convocation or other significant event. Owing to the number of team members necessary for the demonstration please note that a minimum of at least four weeks prior notice of any prospective booking is required.

It is expected that the Scribe E of the host Chapter would be primarily responsible for publicising the demonstration to Chapters in his immediate locality.

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