The Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of England, Wales and its Districts and Councils Overseas


The Grand Council was set up in 1873 under a Charter issued earlier by the Grand Council of New York, and is administered from Mark Mason’ Hall, London. Membership is open to all Mark Master Masons who are also Holy Royal Arch Masons, as the Order forms the link between these two Degrees. The regalia is a unique triangular Apron and a Breast Jewel. There are a total of four Degrees within the Order of Royal & Select Masters, sometimes known as the Cryptic Degrees.

The Degrees are as follows:

1. Select Master – Is concerned with the steps taken by the Three Grand Masters to preserve the form of the genuine secrets of a Master Mason should the Holy Temple be sacked

2. Royal Master – Refers to the attempts of a certain fellow craft to obtain the secrets. Shortly before his death, Hiram Abif explains that with patience and industry he will, in due time, receive them. This discourse is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful pieces of ritual in any Masonic Degree

3. Most Excellent Master – The completion of theTempleand the installation of the Ark of the Covenant in theHoly Place.

4. Super Excellent Master – The destruction of the first temple by Nebuchadnezzar and the burial of the secrets under the rubble.

There are five Councils meeting within the area of the Masonic Province of East Kent.

14 Invicta, 1st Monday March, June and December, Canterbury
38 Kit’s Coty, 2nd Tuesday May, 2nd Monday July, 1st Thursday, Chatham (Manor Rd)
39 Godwyne, 3rd Wednesday, April, June, November, Ramsgate
180 Octavian, 2nd Saturday, February and November, 3rd Saturday July, Sandgate
239 Golden Jubilee, 2nd Monday, March, May and October. Morning Council, Tovil Maidstone
316 Kings of Kent 2nd Thursday June, Gillingham

Contact Details:
Name: Andrew Dive
Position: District Grand Recorder
Telephone: ( 01843 ) 822136

Click here for information about the Centres where meetings are held within the boundaries of the East Kent Craft Province.

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