The Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales and its Districts and Chapters Overseas

Rose CroixThe Ancient and Accepted Rite originated in France in 1754 and worked in the USA where a Supreme Council was formed in 1801. The Supreme Council for England and Wales was established in 1845 under a patent from the Supreme Council of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. The Rite consists of its own 33 Degrees entirely separate and distinct from any other Order. The three Craft Degrees are accepted as equivalent to the first 3 Degrees of this Rite. Candidates for Perfection are taken from the 4º to 17º Degrees by name only, prior to being made Excellent and Perfect Princes Rose Croix in a detailed and beautiful 18º Degree ceremony. This is the only degree permitted to be worked in a private Rose Croix Chapter. Degrees above the 18º are awarded on merit after a brother has passed the Chair of his Chapter.

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The following Chapters meet within the area of the Masonic Province of East Kent

82 Ethelbert 3rd Friday, February, 4th Friday, May and November*, Canterbury
103 Hubert de Burgh 4th Tuesday, February*, May, September and November, Dover
144 St. Augustine 1st Monday, March, June*, October and December, Gillingham
415 Thanet 4th Thursday, February, April and October*, 2nd Thursday, December, Margate
444 Cornwallis 1st Tuesday, June, 31st January* and October (but on the 29th if 31st a Saturday or Sunday) Gravesend
611 Belmont 2nd Tuesday, March, May* and November, Folkestone
657 Swale 3rd Wednesday, March, June*, September and November, Sittingbourne
677 Gravesend 4th Saturday, January, March and October*, Gravesend
786 St. Bartholomew 4th Monday, January, April, June* and November, Chatham
(New Road Ave)
802 St. Mary in Ashford 2nd Thursday, March*, May and November, Ashford
803 Martello 4th Friday, January and April, 1st Friday, November*, Folkestone
834 Harmony Jubilee Last Monday, January*, 2nd Monday, May, 4th Monday, October, Faversham
842 Weald 3rd Monday, March*, June and September, Paddock Wood
875 Ebbsfleet 1st Thursday, April, 2nd Thursday, June, 4th Wednesday, November*, Ramsgate
942 Belvidere 4th Tuesday, January, April and October*, Maidstone (Tovil Hill)
1021 Eternal Wisdom 1st 5th Wednesday of year, 4th Wednesday, June, 2nd Friday, October*, Sheerness
1029 Saint Margaret Rainham 1st Friday, February, May and September*, Gillingham
1032 St. Ithamar 4th Wednesday, March*, 1st Wednesday, September and December, Rochester
1045 Deal Castle 3rd Friday, March, May* and September, Deal
1065 The Whitstable 3rd Wednesday, February, April and October*, Whitstable
1213 Sitis Pro Scientia (Sovereigns) Dover Dec* and June
* (denotes Enthronement/Installation)

Contact Details:
Name: Roger W. Odd
Position: District Recorder
Telephone: 01233 713591

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