Romney Marsh Lodge No 4743 Celebrates its 700th Meeting


From L to R: WBro Paddy Langdown, VW Bro Roger Odd, WBros Steve Harris, John King, Paul Farthing (WM), Marcus Hughes (Lecturer), James Gower, Tony West, David Harden & Bro Steve Bilney

Romney Marsh Lodge No 4743 was consecrated ninety years ago in 1925 and, in anticipation of its 700th meeting on 19th February 2015, it wanted to mark this milestone with a special event. The lodge was therefore grateful when it was given the opportunity to host one of the presentations of the 2014 Cornwallis Lecture. The lodge room was filled with 75 Freemasons of whom a third were guests and visitors, including a contingent from the Viking Lodge No 5014 in the Province of Sussex, with whom the lodge has close contact. Also included among the Brethren were Very Worshipful Brother Roger Odd, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and Worshipful Brother Paddy Langdown, both of whom are involved with the organisation of the Cornwallis Lectures.

This year’s lecture is entitled ‘The Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science’ and was presented by Worshipful Brother Marcus A. Hughes, who has been a Freemason in West Kent since 1990. He spoke very clearly and positively for about forty minutes on his subject for which he has obviously developed a passion. Of particular interest was his raison d’etre for preparing the lecture. Essentially he had thought about various statements made during his transition through the three degrees and, finding himself lacking a full understanding of that which he had heard, decided to explore it further. He has an enquiring mind and felt that more should be done to try and explain much of what, perhaps, many others do not fully understand.

Those present listened intently and the lecture was very well received by the Brethren. Afterwards many expressed the view that they would pursue the thoughts and ideas that were stimulated by the subject matter.

A printed copy of the lecture can be purchased by anyone unable to attend one of its presentations. Booklets are available from the Kent Museum of Freemasonry, price £5, to cover printing etc.

During the evening, the Lodge was also very pleased to welcome Roger Odd into the Lodge as an Honorary Member. Roger gave a very eloquent speech of gratitude for the honour given to him. However he was not allowed to get away with just this and was immediately called on to present a Grand Lodge Certificate to Brother Ron Dean. He was also invited, in his capacity as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, to welcome the lodge’s newest initiate, Brother David Bynorth, into the wider family of Freemasonry. Roger went on to briefly explain the history behind the series of Cornwallis Lectures which have been running since 2002.

A very enjoyable Festive Board followed. In proposing a Toast to the visitors and guests, reference was made to the phrase “light at the end of the tunnel” used by the lecturer in relation to his research. This seemed very apposite given that Marcus is pursuing a career with the London Underground.

Read more about the Cornwallis Lectures.

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