Last Outing for Deputy Provincial Grand Master

The Master, WBro Philip Norcutt, flanked by the PGM, his Deputy and the other Distinguished Visitors

Very Worshipful Brother Roger Odd, during his tenures as Provincial Grand Secretary and then Deputy Provincial Grand Master, has visited all but four of the 184 Lodges in the Province. One of those was Loyal & True Lodge No 4050 (the Lodge of Peter Williams who was about to succeed Roger as Deputy) so what better Lodge to visit as his last official outing as Deputy?

Roger Odd and Alan Kilburn on his last visit as Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

So Roger, accompanied by Deputy Provincial Director of Ceremonies, Alan Kilburn, and a retinue of Active Provincial Officers duly arrived at the Lodge on Wednesday 15th April and, as has become his established custom, the Deputy accepted the gavel from Philip Norcutt, the Worshipful Master, and took the Chair.

Unbeknown to him, there were a number of arrivals, assembling quietly outside the door of the Lodge.

Then there was a report on the door and Neil Johnstone, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies requested admission to the Lodge, upon which he informed the Brethren that the Provincial Grand Master (PGM) stood without and demanded admission!

The PGM, his Deputy and the Master wrestle with the gavel

When he entered, the PGM was accompanied by two Assistant PGMs, the Deputy Grand Superintendent and Third Provincial Grand Principal of the Chapter, the Provincial Grand Secretary, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and the Deputy Grand Superintendent and Past Assistant PGM of West Kent, Worshipful Brother Bob King.

The PGM demanded the gavel from Roger, who was (almost) lost for words, and took the Chair. It was one of those hugely amusing moments that was enormously appreciated by all present.

L to R Neil Johnstone, Alan Kilburn, Roger Odd and David Alexander

What an enjoyable and memorable way to mark the final outing of Very Worshipful Brother Roger as Deputy Provincial Grand Master and something that he said afterwards he will remember with great fondness for many, many years to come.

The Chair was returned to Worshipful Brother Norcutt who, along with his team of Officers, went on to carry out a superb Initiation Ceremony to the delight of everyone present.

Roger Odd and Geoffrey Dearing

The enjoyment continued apace at the Festive Board afterwards, during which Bob King returned to Roger a toy penguin that has been exchanged over a period of years between them (don’t ask!).

A thoroughly enjoyable occasion and a very well taken opportunity for the Provincial Grand Master, the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, and members of the Provincial Executives (Craft and Chapter) to personally acknowledge, in the comparatively intimate setting of a private Lodge meeting, the hard work and commitment that Roger has given to the Province during his many years of service before self.

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