The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St. John the Evangelist


The Order is a Degree of Christian Knighthood and Candidates must be both Master Masons and Companions of the Royal Arch. At their Installation they learn of the miraculous victory of Constantine the Great over Emperor Maxentius and his subsequent conversion to Christianity. The Candidate then learns of the banner Constantine, adopted after his vision in the sky, after which they become Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine.

The Appendant Orders are conferred at a separate Divisional meeting. The first in a Sanctuary of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre refers to the discovery of the true cross by St Helena the mother of Constantine in the period between the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. The second part of the Ceremony concerns a discovery of a book of singular importance and the formation of the Knights of St John the Evangelist at the time of the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate.

There are thirteen Conclaves meeting within the area of the Masonic Province of East Kent.

47 Pentangle 5th Fridays, except December. With 4 5th Fridays, no meeting in the 3rd quarter, Enthronement: 2nd 5th Friday in calendar year, Rochester
201 Durovernon 4th Tuesday, January, 3rd Tuesday, May, 2nd Tuesday, September, Dover
233, Christ Church 2nd Wednesday, May and February, 1st Wednesday, November, Faversham
259 Ancient College Gateway 1st two 5th Tuesdays each year, 3rd Thursday, September, Maidstone (Tovil Hill)
260 St. Eanswythe 4th Wednesday, January, April, June, October, Folkestone
271 Ebbsfleet 3rd Thursday, February and November, 1st Thursday, June , Ramsgate
325 Crane 4th Wednesday, March, 4th Thursday, May, 1st Thursday, October, Dymchurch
352 St. Sexburga 4th Tuesday, February, April and November, Sheerness
357 St. Mary in Ashford 2nd Thursday, January, 3rd Thursday, June, 1st Thursday, September, Ashford
392 Kent 2nd 5th Wednesday after 1st January, 1st Wednesday, December, (Various Venues)
441 Byzantium 2nd Friday, December, 3rd Friday, January, 4th Friday, July, Gillingham
462 Pocahontas 4th Friday, March, 3rd Friday, July, 2nd Friday, November , Wilmington
501 Sacer Comitatus Conclave 2nd Monday in September at Dover and 2nd Thursday in March at Paddock Wood

Other Conclaves in the Division of Kent meet at Welling, Sidcup, Wrotham and Sevenoaks

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