A Recovery Scheme was set up in the Province in May 2012 to determine why Brethren and Companions resigned from their Lodges and Chapters. At the same time, the scheme sought ways to reduce the number of resignations by talking to those who had resigned and to try to persuade them to continue their Freemasonry through various alternatives.

Lodge Secretaries and Chapter Scribes are asked to inform the Provincial Office of Resignations or impending Resignations within a period of 48 hours, if at all possible. A small Recovery Group, headed by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Roger Odd, was established to consider the reasons surrounding each Resignation. A senior member of the Province is allocated to make contact with the Brother who had resigned and also, quite often, the Lodge Secretary or Chapter Scribe E. The reasons for the Resignation are discussed confidentially and ways sought, where possible, for the Brother to continue his Freemasonry or obtain any further support he might need from the Craft. The Brethren concerned have always welcomed the contacts that have been made.

The results for the first twelve months have proved to be very encouraging.

The Recovery Group has considered nearly 400 cases in the Craft and Chapter during the year it has been in operation. Of those, over a third have produced positive outcomes and resulted in the Resignations being withdrawn or Brethren and Companions joining other Lodges or Chapters which better suit their needs.

The Recovery Scheme is continuing its work and already is showing the real value of these recovery interviews. At the same time, Lodge Secretaries and Scribes E. are being encouraged to liaise with their Almoners and Mentors to find out why a member is leaving and to support the Brother or Companion in case of difficulty.

June 2013

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