The Provincial Grand Almoner’s Committee

Martin Ransom

Martin Ransom

The Provincial Grand Almoner, Martin Ransom, has executive responsibility for charitable assistance to distressed Brethren and their families and he is supported by his Assistance Group. He liaises with Lodge Almoners to assess need and to arrange support from whatever source may be most appropriate. That support may come from either Masonic charities, local or national funding or some other agency or a combination of these. In particular he takes responsibility for new and existing petitions to the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

If you need to speak to someone in confidence (other than within your own Lodge if you are a member) please first e-mail the Provincial Almoner using the contact form below or telephone him on 01795-843383 or 07973-299572.

Lodge Almoners have been issued with a Handbook for their guidance, which can be downloaded here.

Members of the Provincial Almoner’s Assistance Group


David Barden

New and ongoing petitions for the RMTGB and Medway area


Mick Bremerkamp

Maidstone & Ashford areas


John Offord

Repeat petitions for FGC and the Dover, Deal, Folkestone and Marshes areas


John Fry

Gravesend area

Andrew Dive

Andrew Dive

New petitions for the FGC and the Thanet area

Vacant - Canterbury, Faversham and Sittingbourne areas


Contact the Provincial Grand Almoner

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Recent Masonic Samaritan Fund Grants:-

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