Barry Cleaves, Michael Cullen and Stephen Salisbury with the Chapter Principals

A goodly number of Companions witnessed an excellent Ceremony of Exaltation on Tuesday 26th May carried out by Excellent Companion Jim Haggar and his Officers at King Edward VII Chapter NÂș 3252 in Wigmore. The Exaltee was Brother Michael Frederick Cullen and the ceremony was enhanced by the inclusion of the “Prologues” dialogue, delivered by Excellent Companions Stephen Salisbury and Barry Cleaves.

The Prologues were received very well by all present and positive comments were given by many of those attending. It was hoped they will continue in all Chapters going forward. They helped to improve the understanding of the ceremony without adding any extra time to the meeting.

It is understand that the final transcripts of the Prologues will be considered over the summer break and there will, no doubt, be more positive news about them in due course.”

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