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As many of you will be aware, the Provincial Grand Mentor’s team has traditionally run a series of seminars throughout the Province for those soon to be installed in the Chair of King Solomon, entitled “Preparing for the Master’s Chair”

The evening is delivered in a relaxed and informal manner and the forthcoming seminars will be in a slightly different style from those in the past.

The Provincial Grand Mentor would encourage all Lodge Wardens to attend one of these seminars, as he sincerely believes it will be of benefit – even for a Past Master going into the Chair for a second time.

The seminars are particularly for Wardens but not limited exclusively to them, so if other members of the lodge would like to attend then they will be most welcome.

The aim of the seminar is not to tell the Master what to do, care is taken not to do that, but more to give some support and ideas on how to achieve his objectives as Master and possibly how to tackle some of the “ogres” of the office - such as “public speaking”.

If you wish to attend one of the seminars, please complete the on-line booking form at least 4 weeks before your preferred seminar date.


25th Sept: Gravesend Masonic Centre, 7pm

26th Oct: Ashford Masonic Centre, 7pm

23rd Nov: Tovil Masonic Centre, 7pm


20th Feb: Sheerness Masonic Centre, 7pm

24th April: Gillingham Masonic Centre, 7pm

23rd Nov: Tovil Masonic Centre, 7pm

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If you need any further information please contact the coordinator, Trevor Carter, using the contact form below:-

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