Warren Hyder (left) and Steve Ripley in 2012

Warren Hyder (left) and Steve Ripley in 2012

Warren Hyder from Ashford, a Past Master of the Wakefield of Hythe Lodge No 6059, has appealed for some help to raise £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. He and his family wish to do this in recognition of the valuable support that Macmillan has given to several members of his family over the last few years.

Way back in 2004 Warren’s brother-in-law, Paul Ripley, a member of Wakefield of Hythe Lodge No 6059, fought and lost a tough battle with bowel cancer.  During his illness, he and the wider family were supported by Macmillan Cancer Support, whose help was invaluable, especially as the family was advised that it needed to embark on genetic testing.  Within a month of losing Paul, aged 43, tests showed that Warren’s wife, Lynn, needed major surgery at a London hospital to save her life.  The surgery was carried out within weeks, but that was not the end of the battle they were facing as, during the week leading up to Lynn’s surgery, her sister Tina receive the same diagnosis. This resulted in identical surgery nine weeks later.

Fortunately both Lynn and Tina made good recoveries but there was more bad news to follow.  Sadly, in March 2017, they received the devastating news that Paul’s brother (Warren’s brother-in-law), Steve Ripley aged 52, was diagnosed with stage 5 prostate cancer.  Steve is also a Past Master of the Wakefield of Hythe Lodge and a Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. He has also been preparing to join the team of Provincial Escorting Directors of Ceremonies.  Having had surgery, radiotherapy and hormone treatment he has recently been advised that this has not been successful and he is to undergo an intensive regime of chemotherapy.

Macmillan supported the whole family throughout all these difficulties and, as a result, and to give them focus at this difficult time, they want to do something positive.  Ten members of the family, including Warren, Lynn and their youngest son Joe, Steve’s wife June and their son Brad, have all signed up to take part in the Jurassic Coast Challenge this year.  Three of the group will take on 100km over 24 hours with the rest of them taking on 44km – the equivalent of a marathon!   It sounds easy, but as those doing the shorter distance will join the other three when they reach the 56km mark, it will see them starting their challenge in the evening and walking through the night. Not so easy!

The family members are hoping that this crazy adventure will allow them to raise £10,000 collectively to support the amazing work of Macmillan Cancer Support. More details can be found on their Just Giving page:  www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hyderripley

However, there is scope for the wider community of Freemasons in East Kent to help raise this total for Macmillan.

How Can East Kent Freemasons Help?

If a number of lodges and chapters collaborate together and, with Matched Funding from the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity, then there is a better chance of raising £10,000.

For example, if twenty lodges and/or chapters were to give £250 each, raising a total of £5,000, then Matched Funding from the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity could increase that total to £10,000. Some lodges have already pledged to support this appeal but it would be terrific if more were to join in.

The Jurassic Coast Challenge takes place on the 21st/22nd July so there is plenty of time for lodges and chapters to raise their contributions and/or vote to donate it from their charity account.

If your lodge or chapter wishes to support this appeal, please register your interest with Warren using the contact form below. Your donation will not be needed until July but by registering your support now, preparations can be made for the matched funding.

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