How the Province of East Kent is organised to support its members


Many a time you will have heard popular authoritative statements commencing “Province this” or “Province that” but I wonder how many members actually have any idea how the Masonic Province of East Kent is organised or indeed why it exists at all?

Having elected to become Freemasons, during our initiation we all seriously declared on our honour that once admitted we would act and abide by the antient usages and established customs of the Order and during the ceremony we are presented with a copy of the Book of Constitutions.  The Book of Constitutions sets out the powers of the United Grand Lodge of England which is the supreme superintending authority charged with maintaining the antient Landmarks of the Order. Under Rule 63, it is the prerogative of the Grand Master to issue a patent to a Brother deemed worthy of appointment, investing him with the authority to rule and govern a Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Lodge.  Under Rules 66, 67 and 68 the Provincial Grand Master may appoint a Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and other Provincial Grand Officers within the specified schedule, to assist him in the ruling and governing of the Provincial Grand Lodge.

How the Provincial Grand Master utilities these Brethren for the benefit of the Province is left to his judgement but what is clear, is that there are a number of broad areas of responsibility covering: management, finances, charity and the welfare of the members.  It would be wrong to believe that there is fixed organisational model and, as in every walk of life, the flexibility to change and adapt to evolving circumstances is essential for the future success of the organisation and thereby for the benefit of its members.

With effect from the 2017 Annual Craft Festival, the organisation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent was adapted to reflect a number of changes in priority.  The organisational chart shown below illustrates the areas of responsibility and the lines of communication, which exist at this moment in time.

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