Headcorn Fishery

Headcorn Fishery

Many anglers are always searching for new places to fish. Some are happy to keep on going back to the same water or even the same swim but others look for pastures new. The East Kent Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity is one of those who enjoy variety and consequently they choose a mix of venues to hold their fishing events.

On Thursday 25th May 2017 the charity held their second event of the year at the Manor Fisheries. It is located in a small country lane approximately half a mile from the village of Headcorn in the centre of Kent. The guests for this event were students from the Orchard School in Canterbury and the Bower Grove School from Maidstone. Both schools are Foundation Special Schools and cater for pupils who have behaviour and learning difficulties including social communication difficulties.

Delighted with his 1st Catch
This Mirror Carp was 9.5 Lbs
The smile says it all

The weather forecast predicted sunshine with a mild breeze and without fail the weather developed into a perfect day enabling all the participants to enjoy a day’s fishing.  On their arrival the pupils and teachers were welcomed by the School Liaison Officer, briefed on the safety instructions then allocated a Caster who would help each one at the lakeside. The fishing started off with very little success other than plenty of bites and small fish. Patiently the students persevered and eventually, to the delight of everyone, the larger fish began to be hooked.

During the course of the morning the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Peter Hagger, was welcomed by the Branch secretary, Pat Flanagan, and taken on an intensive tour of the lakes to meet the casters and their pupils. Shortly afterwards the charity received a surprise visit from Graham Snell, Deputy CEO of the Masonic Fishing Charity. Graham was visiting Kent on business and took the opportunity to attend the event and to meet the committee, casters and students.

Throughout the day everyone was entertained by an aerobatic display by a Second World War Spitfire, as well as Sky Divers, based at the local airfield. As one student remarked ‘we not only have a relaxing day out of school to fish but get a chance to watch an air display as well.

One of the students with Peter Hagger & Graham Snell

One of the students with Peter Hagger & Graham Snell

After a very successful morning and after many large carp were hooked, a klaxon was sounded to alert the young anglers that lunch was being served – a barbecue with all the trimmings was awaiting them.  Following lunch, a short session of fishing continued and, on completion, all participants attended an award ceremony. Peter Hagger and Graham Snell both presented special awards to each youngster. On completion Graham addressed the students on the Masonic Fishing C, arity’s aim and what it achieves in bringing an interactive fishing and countryside experience to students.



This was another successful event for the East Kent Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity which continues to make a valuable contribution to the community. The next meeting will take place at Chart Fisheries, Chart Sutton, on Thursday 13th July 2017.

Fishing is worth any amount of effort and any amount of expense to people who love it, because in the end you get such a large number of dreams per fish.

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