National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies

At a meeting earlier this year at Great Queen Street and, with the growing interest in clay pigeon shooting within the masonic fraternity, a national association was formed.

National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies

The National Clay Shooting Association inaugural meeting

There has been a national interest in the sport amongst Freemasons for many years, originating in the North, with competitions held annually and these competitions have grown into a national event hosted each year in turn by eleven provinces. The first national event was hosted by Lancashire and, in recent years, by London, Cornwall, East Kent, Bristol and, in 2015, Cumbria and Westmorland.
Seventeen provinces were contacted initially for this meeting, namely: Bedfordshire, Bristol, Cornwall, Cumbia & Westmoreland, Devonshire, East Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, Monmouthshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Warwickshire, West Kent, West Lancashire and Wiltshire. The nominated Chair for this founding meeting was Brian Saidman from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London and the nominated Secretary was Roger Wilkes from East Kent.

The name, proposed function, and initial officers were discussed and voted for and the association was founded.

It was acknowledged that much work has yet to be carried out and many more meetings to be held before the association would be up to full speed but, in the meantime, the national competitions in 2016 and 2017 were confirmed as Warwickshire and Essex respectively.

The Officers of the association for the first year were elected as follows:-
Chairman: Brian Saidman (London)
Vice-Chairman: Mike Casey (West Lancs)
Hon. Treasurer: Cliff Jones (Herts)
Hon. Secretary: Roger Wilkes (East Kent).

National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies first meeting

The National Clay Shooting Association Committee

Meetings with the officers and sub-committees have been held and the constitution, by-laws, etc., have been written and approved thus building a foundation that will support the national association for many years to come.

There are keen clay shooters in other masonic provinces and the national association has attempted to contact them but only a few have responded. If there are clay shooting clubs or brethren interested in joining the national association, please contact the Hon. Secretary by telephone: 01634 725003, mobile: 07768 123449 or by using the contact form below

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