A Trio from the Sir Edward Elgar Lodge entertain at the Dane John Lodge

The 37th Installation Meeting of the Dane John Lodge No 8810 in Canterbury was distinguished, not only by its usual high standards of ritual and organisation, but also by the attendance of three musicians from Sir Edward Elgar Lodge No 9837, all with work to do. Dane John Secretary, Worshipful Brother Vic Ride had once again invited the Secretary of Sir Edward Elgar Lodge, Worshipful Brother Tony Eldridge, to sing the Master’s Song. He also engaged, as Guest Organist, Worshipful Brother Nigel Sanné, another Founder Member of “9837”. To complete the music lodge’s “trio” – by happy coincidence, the Provincial Grand Master had appointed Worshipful Brother Jake Jackson, Provincial Junior Grand Warden to represent him. Jake is currently the Worshipful Master of Sir Edward Elgar Lodge.

L to R: Jake Jackson, Roger O’Brien, Andrew Ervine, Tony Eldridge, Hedley Grace & Nigel Sanné

Remarkably, Tony first sang the Master’s Song at Dane John Lodge some 30 years ago, when he had only just completed his 2nd Degree. On that occasion, in 1985, the newly installed Master was Worshipful Brother Roger O’Brien, the first initiate of “8810” to be installed in the Master’s Chair.

The photographs show outgoing Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Hedley Grace, presenting a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Tony for his continued attendance at their Installations over the past 30 years, and singing the Master’s Song.

Designer John Howard with Chorister Tony Eldridge

It was witnessed by Jake, who also provided the finishing touches to the Festive Board by singing the Tyler’s Song. Roger O’Brien is also captioned, together with the newly installed Master, Worshipful Brother Andrew Ervine. Worshipful Brother John Howard, who had recently contributed his design and photographic skills to the Museum’s new Guidebook, designed and printed the unique Certificate.

The “trio” from “9837” were made especially welcome. It was another happy meeting at Dane John with all Brethren joining in the singing with their usual enthusiasm and Tony, clearly moved by the kind gesture, said he had treasured his many ‘appearances’ at Dane John and hoped that he would be able to continue contributing to the harmony of the lodge for many years to come. The ‘Wandering Minstrels’ of Sir Edward Elgar lodge had clearly hit the high notes again.

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