Motorised Wheelchair for Sally Raby

Mrs Sally Raby with her husband ?

Mrs Sally Raby with her husband Brian

In August 2012 Mrs Sally Raby suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm which led to a four month stay in hospital for brain surgery along with several other minor operations. The doctors prognosis was not encouraging, Sally would not be able to walk, talk or feed herself and would be best placed in a nursing home.

Despite this devastating news, Sally has made progress and astounded everyone – she can talk and feed herself but her lower body strength meant that she is confined to a wheelchair. This has placed enormous pressure on her husband Brian, a member of Per Mare Per Terram Lodge No 3609 who has previously suffered two heart attacks and suffers from back problems.

The cost of a motorised wheelchair was beyond their reach and the local authority could not help. As a result Brian and Sally rarely left the house.

After a discussion with a close friend, an application was made to the MSF, which was successful and resulted in a grant for a motorised wheelchair.

Brian and Sally’s daughter, Vanessa Gulvin, said: “Words cannot express how grateful we all are to the Masonic Samaritan Fund and everyone involved in the application process; due to their generosity my parents are able to enjoy a much better quality of life. The chair fits into their car perfectly, allowing them to go wherever they wish. My mother feels more independent and it has diminished any worries we had over my father’s health”.

Vanessa went on to say: “I would thoroughly recommend anyone applying to the Masonic Samaritan Fund for a grant for any mobility aids they may need. Everyone deserves quality of life, especially after a health trauma or accident which leaves the victim and their family feeling depressed and frustrated after lack of financial help and sympathy from local authorities or a doctor’s prognosis. My parent’s story proves that miracles do happen and there is light at the end of the tunnel”.

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