“I have found it very difficult to write this letter to say thank you for the grant that you have given to my husband David, because saying thank you is not enough.

I found it very hard to make that phone call to ask for help. I have never had to do that before and it went right against the grain. We were struggling, trying to find enough money for my husband’s care. I was coming to the end of my tether with the worry, etc, of where to turn. We cannot thank you enough for this help, it has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders.

We had a lovely lady come to see us, her name was Lauren Lynch, and I would like to thank her for all she did for us and the advice she gave.

David is happier now and more relaxed knowing that his care is sorted and I have not got to worry about the financial side of it anymore. We really do not know what we would have done without your help.”

Signed, Fran Coals, Gillingham.

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