On 23rd February Terry Curran presented a cheque for £255 to the Blackthorn Trust from Montreal Chapter No 2046 in memory of Gordon Major. The cheque was received by Susie Chassagne on behalf of the Trust.

Gordon Major was a member and Past First Principal of Montreal Chapter and he died in 2017, aged 80.  During his later years he suffered several health problems and had his first heart bypass some 25 years ago. He had a second bypass some 18 years later and throughout all of his illnesses he was supported and assisted by the Blackthorn Trust and by the GP Surgery associated with it.

It was Gordon’s wish that on his death donations should be sent to two nominated charities of which the Blackthorn Trust was one.

The Companions of Montreal Chapter raised over £500 in his memory and a cheque for £255 was presented to Susie Chassagne by Terry Curran, Charity Steward of the Chapter.

For 5 years Gordon Major was also a member of the RAF Mountain Rescue Team based at RAF Valley in Angelsey.   His second nominated charity was the Mountain Rescue Service England and Wales and a cheque for £255 was also sent o that body in his memory.


The Blackthorn Trust is a charity which offers medical care, specialist therapies and rehabilitation through work placements in the Blackthorn Garden. We offer help to people with mental or physical health difficulties or learning disabilities. Their work is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and aims to assist individuals to progress towards their full potential.

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