This season there will be two Mentoring / Membership Seminars in the Province of East Kent.

  • Saturday 21st October 2017, at the Dover Centre.
  • Saturday 28th October 2017 at the Franklin Road Centre, Gillingham.

These seminars will be of particular interest to Lodge Mentors and Lodge Membership Officers but all are welcome to attend.  It is hoped that every lodge in the Province will have a minimum of one representative present.

There will be a pre-meeting breakfast (at a subsidised rate for those who wish to dine) at 8.45 for a formal start of the meeting at 9.30 for those not breakfasting. The intention is to finish at 12.00 noon.

We believe we have listened to your needs and wants as Mentors and Membership Officers and at the seminar we are pleased to be able to launch an exciting new concept of Education and Development designed to enhance the enjoyment which Brethren derive from exploring the meaning of Masonic ritual and history.

The content of the seminars has been carefully planned to support those new to the roles as well as those with more experience. It will bring together a better understanding of the role of the Membership Officer in partnership with the Mentor. It will explain how they interact to provide support for, and retention of, newer members in the Craft. It will allow you time to ask questions and share experiences.

The three broad, though totally interconnected, headings for the seminars are:

  • The Lodge Mentor
  • The Mentor and Membership Officer
  • The Mentor and Education and Development

Questions for the seminar can either be given in advance to your Group Mentor Coordinator or added to the Seminar Booking Form below.

You can book in by downloading a postal booking form or online, using the form below.

Mentoring / Membership Seminars 2017 - Online Booking Form

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