Was Charles Dickens a Freemason?

The torrential rain did not deter the hardened tourist or the people of Medway from visiting this years Dickensian Christmas Festival on Saturday 1st December. In particular coming to Pentangle Lodge’s Open Day at Gundulph Square for a little light relief from the rain and to find out “Was Charles Dickens a Freemason?”









Pentangle Lodge organised an Open Day at Gundulph Square which involved two demonstrations. Firstly, visitors were given an illustrated slide show and lecture on Dickens and his Masonic connections, in particular his family links. They were then taken up to the temple and given a guided tour and a short talk on general aspect of Freemasonry.  A great deal of interest was shown, and many questions were asked and were ably answered by our team. Questions such as “When was Pentangle Lodge formed?” to “Are any of the Charles Dickens books based on Freemasonry?” and Why do you wear aprons?”

This year we had great support from Medway Council, allowing us to be on their website and putting up a poster in the Rochester Tourist Centre.  We also tried to take a more casual approach to how we educated the public and a more user-friendly attitude to answering their questions.  Next year, we intend to further raise our profile on the Medway Council site with photos from this years event, develop our website and have a higher profile on social media.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you if Charles Dickens was a Freemason. To find out and learn other interesting facts – you will need to visit out next Open Day to be held on Saturday 1st June 2019!
More details of the festival at: Medway Councils website. 

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