ChiselsMentoring in Freemasonry has now been established for a number of years and in the Province of East Kent most lodges have appointed a Lodge Mentor to coordinate mentoring within the Lodge and many have appointed Personal Mentors for individuals, particularly Initiates.

In April 2013 WBro David Heley was appointed Provincial Grand Mentor to continue the development of mentoring within the Province.

David believes that mentoring is a very effective means of helping Brethren in their Masonic careers and his prime aim is to help to increase retention in the Province by having a good mentoring process. A good mentoring system will help ensure that lodge members feel fully supported in their masonic life and so have a happy and enjoyable experience of Freemasonry. Generally speaking, if a brother is enjoying his masonry he will be active in the lodge and is likely to introduce new members.

On this site you will find various documents to help assist in the development of mentoring within your Lodge. The documents can be downloaded if needed. Please click on one of the buttons below for further details.

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Book now for the 2018 Mentoring and Membership Workshop 2018 at 09:00, Howard Hall, Wigmore, Gillingham.

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