The East Kent MFC third outing of the season


Aerial Image of Longshaw Fishery

A aerial view of Longshaw Fishery

Fishing is a sport enjoyed by a wide array of people. Countless men, women and children of all ages relax by casting a line and waiting for the fish to bite.


The first lines of the day are cast

Even a fairly new fisherman can give you their opinion on how to fish, but the best fishing stories you hear don’t have anything to do with how to bait the line or what type of bait to use. The good stories come from real life experiences and that is why the volunteers of the East Kent Masonic Fishing Charity are well qualified to substantiate that claim.

The continued success of the East Kent Masonic Fishing Charity is made by inviting a number of disadvantaged youngsters for a day’s fishing at a local lake. The enthusiasm and excitement this generates, both before and after the event, makes a real difference to a student’s life.


This student seems quite relaxed

This was certainly true on Thursday 9th July 2015 when the East Kent Masonic Fishing Charity hosted students from the St Nicholas and the Orchard School in Canterbury. Both these schools are community day schools providing education for children who have profound severe & complex learning difficulties.


A couple of teachers relaxing

On their arrival the students were welcomed by the Schools Liaison Officer, John Baker, and briefed by Pat Todd on the safety instructions, before being assigned an experienced caster who would assist and coach each one at the lakeside.


Proud Students & casters with their first catch

On this occasion the event, which proved to be a well-chosen venue, was held at the Longshaw Farm Fishery, Sturry, Kent which is a truly superb fishery with carp over 20lbs, tench, bream, chub and some of the most amazing roach fishing in Kent. Whomever said that angling was a lazy man’s sport – Warren Muckell, the event organiser walked 5.5miles during the course of the day without even wetting a line


Waiting for their first catch

After a very successful morning and after many fish were hooked, a klaxon was sounded to alert the young anglers that lunch was being served – a barbecue with all the trimmings was awaiting them. Following lunch, a short session of fishing continued and, on completion, all participants attended an award ceremony where certificates and medals were presented to each student.


The famous barbecue tent

The success of the event was summarised by Loraine Gardiner a teacher from St Nicholas School who said: “Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the day on Thursday. The students had a great time, I’ve never heard them all so quiet for so long. Wonderful feedback from the parents, thanks again for a fantastic day including the wonderful weather”

This was another successful event for the East Kent Freemasons’ Masonic Fishing Charity who continue to make a valuable contribution to the community. The next meeting will be held at Chart Fisheries, Chart Sutton, on Thursday 17th September 2015.

‘There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind’

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