A typical 18th Century Initiation Ceremony

This is a demonstration of an initiation in a typical Freemason’s lodge as it was conducted in the 18th century. The performers are dressed in period costume and use the language and ritual of the time. It is entertaining, has a good deal of humour, and sheds some light on the early days of Freemasonry.

The Province of East Kent has been given a copy of the script, together with a set of costumes, equipment and other paraphernalia needed for this demonstration. It was previously used by the CTO & Telecoms Masonic Association Demonstration Team, a group of Freemasons with a connection to the telecoms industry. The team travelled to lodges all over London and the Home Counties, and beyond, for many years to give the demonstration.

As their numbers declined they were unable to continue and have kindly handed all the materials over to East Kent Freemasons to continue the tradition.

Worshipful Brother Peter Trower (Robin Hood in the recent Provincial Pantomime) has agreed to try and put a team together and would like to hear from East Kent Freemasons with an interest in acting out the various parts in this demonstration. Volunteers must be prepared to learn their lines, rehearse as required, travel with the team to give the demonstration at different locations and above all, have fun.

If you would like to express an interest or seek more information, please email Peter Trower using the contact form below.

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