Lodge Membership Officer

This newly introduced role in a lodge can be described as follows:-

  • To identify the characteristics of the lodge and the type of person that would fit in to your organisation
  • To communicate the need to introduce suitable candidates and to keep recruitment high on the lodge’s agenda
  • To review, in conjunction with the lodge committee, the recruitment activities of the lodge; eg. introducing non-Masons to social events, open evenings and activities within the community such as volunteering and supporting local charities
  • To review the process of interviewing a potential candidate (guidance notes available below)
  • To make known to Members the process of introducing potential candidates to the lodge
  • To assist the Proposer and Seconder in the initial preparation of the prospective candidate
  • To liaise with the Candidate between the initial contact with the lodge and his initiation
  • To advise Members of what is acceptable in terms of responding to requests for information from the public and answering the question: “What is Masonry?” (guidance notes available below)

Membership/Mentoring Seminars 2017

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