Websites and Social Media for Lodges and Chapters

A growing number of lodges are developing their own websites and/or social media channels to help attract new members and to keep the wider world informed of their good deeds.

Social Media

The United Grand Lodge of England has produced some Social Media Policy Guidelines which should be read by all users of social media. (Click button below for policy guidelines).

Lodge Websites

The Provincial Communications Board is keen to support any East Kent lodge and chapter that wishes to introduce its own website and, since it is easier nowadays to build one, some brief guidelines are listed below to help you get started:-

  1. Read the section on lodge websites in the Provincial Website & Social Media Guidelines and reach agreement with your lodge management committee.
  2. Search online for other lodge websites and develop some ideas for your own.
  3. Register* a suitable domain name (preferably one that identifies your lodge, eg:
  4. Choose a Web Host and sign up for an account.* (Please note that, if your lodge is registered as a charity, hosting can be provided free of charge.)
  5. Choose a website building system that is easy to use and fully mobile-friendly. Some are free but others may require you to subscribe*.
  6. Design your web pages to promote the message you wish to convey to the outside world. Include images of members of your lodge having first obtained their permission to do so. Include links to:-
  7. Test your website and ensure that your lodge management committee is happy with its content.
  8. Refer it to the Provincial Website Manager who will help you to ensure that it complies with the guidelines for Masonic websites before you go public.

* Domain names, hosting and web-building accounts should be registered in the name
of the lodge using the Secretary’s name and address.

For more detailed guidance before you get underway, please contact the Provincial Website Manager using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Provincial Communications Channels

The East Kent Freemasons’ website, its social media channels and the Provincial magazine are also available for lodges and chapters to report any significant newsworthy activities.

To help lodges and chapters prepare such reports, particularly if about charitable activities, some guidelines have been prepared and can be downloaded below.

Click here if you wish to submit a report to be considered for inclusion in the magazine or the website.


Contact the Provincial Website Manager

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