“I have fibromyalgia, it is caused by some chemicals in the brain telling the pain centre that my body is in pain and this makes it painful to move or walk a lot.

Lawrence's new rise and recline armchair

Lawrence’s new rise and recline armchair

Going out with my family was very hard, in a wheelchair I could not propel it myself and my wife could not push it for long. The alternative of being left in the car was not very nice.

Some years ago my lodge Almoner suggested that I apply for a grant to the Masonic Samaritan Fund for a mobility scooter which was approved and which has made my life so much better. I was in need of help, the lodge Almoner came to my aid and we filled in some forms, including some personal information about my finances. This was difficult but very necessary.

Some years latter my rise and recline chair broke beyond repair. I sometimes have to sleep in the chair and of course it helps me to get up. The Almoner suggested I should apply again to the MSF for a replacement and this was also approved.

I do not know what we would have done without the help from the MSF. It has improved my life immeasurably and we wish to thank you all for your support.”

Signed, Lawrence Mitchell

(Lawrence, a Past Master of Porta Maris Lodge No 4287, went on to urge other Brethren that find themselves in difficulty to speak to their Almoner.)

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