The Holy Royal Arch Templer Priests or Order of Holy Wisdom


The headquarters of the Order is in York from which it administers the Order in England, Scotland, Wales, parts of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other parts of the Commonwealth and South America. Within these countries the Order is divided into Districts which are numbered with a geographical designation in brackets, – thus District No. 5 (Kent).

The head of the Order within a District is the Grand Superintendent and he is assisted by a District Director of  Ceremonies and, possibly, a District Recorder, although in many Districts, as the secretarial role is light, the secretarial work is carried out by the District D.C. The “Lodges” are known as Tabernacles

The Order is a Christian Order and a candidate for membership must be a subscribing installed master in the Craft, a subscribing member of a Royal Arch Chapter and a Knight Templar. Most of the work within the Tabernacles during the course of a ceremony consists of readings from the Scriptures, with only two or three sentences to be learned and only the occupant of the chair, the Very Eminent High Priest and the Conductor (equivalent of the Senior Deacon) have much to learn.

Regalia consists of a white tunic (the same as a Knight Templar), a plain white mantle and a mitre.

There are six Tabernacles meeting within the area of the Masonic Province of East Kent.

26 Cantuar 4th Thursday March, 2nd Thursday September, Canterbury
54 Temple Manor 3rd Monday April and October, Wigmore
71 Holywell Last Wednesday in the 1st month, having 5 Wednesdays of: i) March, April and May and ii) September, October and November. Installation: 1st Regular Meeting, Folkestone
86 St. Augustine The first 5th Friday after the 1st March and the first 5th Friday after the 1st September, Ramsgate
136 Boxley Abbey 3rd Monday May, 1st Tuesday September and 1st Friday November, Maidstone (Tovill Hill)
191 Powhatan 2nd Saturday April, September and November, Gravesend

Contact Details:
Name: Steven J. Turner
Position: District Recorder
Telephone: 020 7233 8157

Click here for information about the Centres where meetings are held within the boundaries of the East Kent Craft Province.

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