The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and St.  John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, of England and Wales and  Provinces Overseas

knighttemplar   The Order was first worked in England in 1777, having probably originated in France. There are two Degrees: Knights Templar and Knights of Malta, these being joined by a ‘passing’ Degree of Knight of St. Paul. A candidate for the first Degree is in the position of a pilgrim travelling symbolically through hardship and dangers until he is received as a Knight. It teaches humility and urges the candidate to live his life as a Christian Knight. The second Degree deals with the period when the Knights travelled from Palestine to reach their final home in Malta, emphasising their Christian virtues. The regalia of the Order is most impressive, being based on that of the medieval Knights Templar, consisting of a mantle, tunic, cap, sash, star, belt, sword and gloves. The Knights of Malta regalia is different but not obligatory. Candidates for installation must profess the Christian faith and be both Master Masons and Royal Arch Companions. A Provincial Church Service for members, families and friends is held annually, with the spectacle of the Knights in full regalia. Contact Details: Name: Peter J Wise Position: Provincial Vice-Chancellor Telephone: 020 8244 2356 Website: There are twelve Preceptories meeting within the area of the Masonic Province of East Kent.

146 Black Prince Perceptory, 1st Friday May, 3rd Friday October and December , Canterbury 224 Roffa’s Camp Preceptory, 4th Friday February, May, August and 1st Friday December, Wigmore 325 Temple Ewell Preceptory, 4th Monday January, April, June and October, Dover 391 Preceptory of the Holy Trinity, 1st Saturday March, 2nd Saturday June, 4th Saturday September, 3rd Saturday November, Gravesend 401 Thanet Preceptory, 3rd Thursday February, 4th Friday April, 1st Thursday October and December , Margate 402 Boxley Abbey Preceptory, 2nd Monday March and October, 4th Friday May, Maidstone 433 Westwood Preceptory, 3rd Saturday March, 1st Saturday June, 3rd Saturday November, Hoo 436 St. Michael’s Preceptory, 3rd Tuesday March, 1st Wednesday July, 2nd Thursday October, Sittingbourne 475 Lord Harris Preceptory, 3rd Wednesday February, 1st Wednesday June, 3rd Wednesday October, Ashford 484 Frederick Friday Preceptory (Installed Preceptors), 1st Saturday February, 1st Saturday September, Gravesend 552 Kent Body Guard Preceptory, 2nd Saturday February and May, 1st Wednesday October, Gravesend 596 The Galloway Preceptory, 2nd Friday February, May and October, Gillingham

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