“I applied, through my Lodge Almoner, for assistance in obtaining a mobile scooter for my wife Thelma who, due to an accident 30 years ago, is unable to walk or stand. The Almoner arranged for a wonderful advisor to call who, on seeing the difficulty my wife was in, helped us to complete the application to the MSF. Within a month she had obtained the grant and arranged for two scooters to be delivered to my home! She had noticed during the application process how my own difficulty in walking would have stopped me in accompanying my wife when she went shopping or visited our daughter who lives several streets away.
It has certainly opened the doors for us to what other people do and take for granted, like visiting the seafront and other fresh air activities. We are very grateful to the Almoner and the Assessor for their patience and experience and for the Masonic Samaritan Fund for their grant and the change it has made to our lives.”

Signed by James Hill, Cliftonville

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