It has been suggested by the Grand Lodge Mentoring Group that at the end of the Ceremony of Initiation i.e. after the Charge, the Initiate should be formally introduced to his Personal Mentor in open lodge.

Having asked the chosen Mentor to join the Initiate at the Pedestal, the Worshipful Master should then make the introduction as follows:

“Brother _______ that concludes the ceremony of your initiation into Freemasonry. As was explained in the ceremony, you are now expected to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. To help you do this we have asked W.Bro. (or Bro.) ___________ to act as your guide and Mentor.

He will explain to you, and help you to understand the ceremony you have just undertaken, as well as the ceremonies to follow. He will answer any questions you may have, and will explain the history of Freemasonry, our Traditions, and of course our Charitable aims. He will also personally introduce you to each of the members of the Lodge.

So may I now be the first to welcome you to the worldwide fraternity of Freemasons in general, and into this, the __________Lodge No ____ in particular”.

Assuming the Mentor holds no other office, both he and the Initiate should then be seated together in the north east part of the Lodge. If this is not possible another Brother should be assigned to guide the initiate through the remainder of the meeting.

(NOTE: 2 Seats need to be reserved next to the Senior Deacon).




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