The process of interviewing a potential candidate should be as stress free and as comfortable as possible for the interviewee. It should ensure that he is suitable to become a Freemason and that his membership will not cause any difficulties either at home or in his business life.

The committee room should be arranged so that the interviewee sits next to the Worshipful Master, making him feel part of the group. The interview is not an interrogation and everything should be done to avoid it seeming to be such.

The first need is to put the candidate at ease, the easiest way to achieve that is to get him to talk about the subject he knows best . . . himself.

Q1: Can you tell us something about yourself…. for instance are you married or in a relationship?

Q2: Do you have a family?

Q3. What do you do for a living?

Q4: Are any of your family Freemasons?

Q5: Do you have any friends who are Freemasons?

Q6: Are you involved in any way with Charities or your local community?

Next you need to establish that membership of the Lodge is not going to cause any domestic difficulties.

Q7: Have you discussed with your wife or Partner your desire to become a freemason?

Q8: How does she feel about this?

Q9: Charitable giving is a central part of Freemasonry? Are you aware that you will be asked to contribute on a regular basis?

Q10: Have you been advised of the cost of joining, the annual subscription, dining fees and the cost of regalia?

Q11: Can you meet these costs without detriment to yourself or your family?

Q12: We have regular Lodge Meetings _?_ times a year, and hold a Lodge of Instruction on a ____?_____ night between the months of ___?____ and ___?____. Would you be able to attend on a regular basis?

The next series of questions are designed to ensure that he is qualified to become a member.

Q13: Do you believe in a God?

Q14: Why do you want to become a Freemason?

Q15: What do you expect to gain from being a Freemason?

Q16: What do you think you can contribute to the Lodge were you to be accepted as a member?

Q17: Have you ever applied to join any other Lodge?

Q18: Do you have a criminal record?

You now need to invite the members of the Lodge Committee to ask any supplementary questions they may have.

Q19: Does any member have a question that they would like to put to Mr ________?

And finally you need to invite the Candidate to ask any questions he may wish to ask.

Q20: Are there any questions you would like to put to this committee or is there any other information you would like to have?

At this point the Interviewee should be asked to retire and his proposer or seconder should accompany him.

If the Lodge Committee is in favour of accepting the interviewee as a candidate, a Form P. should be issued and the Interviewee should be advised of the decision.

If the committee decide that he is not a suitable candidate, then he should be advised that the Secretary will contact him with the committee’s decision in a few days. His Proposer and Seconder should be informed, and the candidate advised in writing of the reasons for the committee’s decision as soon as possible.

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