Royal Arch SymbolA team from East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No 5866 travelled to the Convocation of Invicta Chapter No 709 on the 8th December where they delivered an excellent presentation of “The Royal Arch in Camera – Your Chapter in Focus”.

Their attendance had been well publicised beforehand and consequently the Convocation was well attended and proved a very happy and interesting one. The demonstration covered a wide range of aspects of the Holy Royal Arch and was delivered in a manner which held everyone’s interest throughout. The consensus of opinion at the conclusion was that most (including some very experienced Royal Arch Companions) had learned something concerning the Order which they had not previously known.

The fire alarm at one point became so enthused by the proceedings that alas it did what only it could and sounded its appreciation loudly for a short while. However, fortunately, its rude conduct did not disrupt the proceedings for long.

If you think that your Chapter could benefit from a presentation of Royal Arch In Camera or if you think that your Chapter could benefit from some promotion, please also consider inviting the Talking Heads Team to do a presentation at one of your Lodge Meetings. Talking Heads is designed to introduce the Royal Arch to the Master Mason, as well as to encourage and stimulate the interest of those already in the Order. Please contact Ian White, who will be happy to arrange it for you.

Reporter: Clive Manuel.

Click here for further details about Talking Heads, Royal Arch In Camera or Ritual Demonstration. In each case the team members are happy to provide their services for free and pay for their own meals.

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