How East Kent Benefits

In 2014, a total of 161 beneficiaries in the Province of East Kent received £374,890 from the four central Masonic Charities. (Plus grants made to non-Masonic national charities with branches in East Kent – see below).

The Provincial Grand Almoner and his hard-working Committee have been dealing with applications for assistance throughout the year and our thanks must go to all those involved in this ever growing and important work.

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity.

UGLE_logo_smallThe Freemasons’ Grand Charity supports brethren or their dependents from East Kent who are in distressed circumstances. In 2014, 42 East Kent petitioners received £98,270 in Masonic Relief Grants.

On a national basis the Freemasons’ Grand Charity in 2014 made grants to non-Masonic charities of £2,587,500. These included grants to the Air Ambulance Service and the Hospice Movement with East Kent benefitting as follows:

The Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance Service: £16,000
Demelza House Hospice £3,073
EllenorLions Hospice (Adult) £3,160
Heart of Kent Hospice £2,540
Pilgrims Hospice (Canterbury) £3,304
Pilgrims Hospice (Thanet) £3,304
Pilgrims Hospice (Ashford), £3,404
Total: £34,785

RMTGB_LogoRoyal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

In 2014 the Province of East Kent had 42 children or dependents of Brethren who received assistance from the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys at an annual cost of £117,500.


RMBI_logoRoyal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

Our Province currently has twelve people residing in Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Homes, at an annual cost of £43,900. We also have 13 petitioners still receiving RMBI Annuities at a cost of £13,520.


msflogoMasonic Samaritan Fund.

65 grants for assistance during 2014 were approved for mobility aids and health care, at a cost of £146,500 to the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

Updated 18/06/2015


Some Examples of Grants Recently Awarded by the MSF to People in East Kent

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